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Photo by Ashane Bernard

Got Married!

That's right, I got married!

Rewinding a bit. I haven't posted much in the last few months, because both work and my personal life have been packed with a lot of exciting things and I haven't had the time and space to write about things.

Back in November, my team wrapped up the development of a stand-alone service that would handle all our billing and invoice-related functionality. We'd been working on this for most of the year and we'd been migrating functionality out of the monolith and into this service. As expected, we ran into our share of blockers and other weird bugs but we finally made the service live in November.

Picture of a button on a pedestrian crossing Not as easy as pressing this button, but much more satisfying! Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

After all of the excitement around the release, December was time to slow down in time for the holidays. After many months of being shut down, International tourist travel was starting to pick up. Thanks to this, I was able to go see my family in India after being away for around two years. While there's no place like my (adopted) home in Sri Lanka, it felt good to be back in the motherland after being away for so long.

Sometimes you don't know you're running on empty until your heart is full from spending time with loved ones. Seeing my sister, the nephews, nieces, and all my uncles and aunts were food for the soul. Speaking of food, here are some pictures of stuff I was eating!

Took photos whenever I wasn't busy eating

Christmas came and went in no time and it was time to go back home because my girlfriend (now my wife!) was coming back to Sri Lanka. She'd been stuck in Australia for two and a half years due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. It was all very short notice, so we only had about a month to plan the wedding. I think the smartest thing we did was to give over our wedding planning to End2End Events. Mel and her team were on top of everything from start to finish, we just needed to sign the cheques and show up on the wedding day!

Thilini and I got married on the 20th of January, 2022. Exactly three years to the day that we started to exclusively date each other. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the short notice, we only had a few close friends and family to mark the occasion.

All I can ask for

Most of January and February were spent traveling and meeting friends and family. We decided to visit cities that we'd never been to together, so we ended up traveling to the east of the country and back again.

After about two weeks away, we headed back home. Since Thilini would have to leave in a few weeks, we were going to do another short trip closer to the travel date. Unfortunately, even though we managed to avoid COVID during the wedding and the honeymoon, we somehow both managed to catch it a week after we got home. Luckily, both of us got a clean bill of health in time for her to make her date with a flight back to Australia.

And that was my November, December, January, and February story. On the plus side for me, I've managed to note down a few topics that I want to write about. There are also more things going on for March and April, but I think more about that later.